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Key Debates, agora a partir do Brasil. Ciência em debate, saberes em diálogo. Das humanidades às ciências puras, aqui tudo é compartilhado.

Juntos pelo acesso ao conhecimento e à solução de problemas reais enfrentados por pessoas reais.

Mineiro from small Pedrinópolis, born in August 1996, I'm Bruno. For my mother - when angry - "Bruno César"; for my close friends, "Bru"; for the government, "Bruno César Cunha Cruz". You can call me the way you think is convenient.

Who am I?

I am a journalist and social scientist. I have a master's degree in anthropology and I work as a doctoral researcher at the PPGAS of the Museu Nacional, at UFRJ.

What do I do?

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The Story of Vailu

My research interests

I am known for studying and translating Max Weber. My research seeks to answer the question of "Max" that he formulated shortly before he died still very young: what would be the “chain of circumstances that has led to cultural phenomena that appearing precisely on the Western ground, and only here, which – as at least we like to imagine – in a direction of development of universal importance and validity?”

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